How Sweet Petite was born!

How did we get to here?

Well, my love of all things sugar started out when I was organising my wedding and wanted to do everything on the cheap! I thought: “Wedding cake?! I can do that, how hard can it be?” and then I realised…very!! So I set my sights a little bit lower and took a few sugarcraft lessons to learn to make how to make sugar flowers for the topper. And that was it.  I was hooked!

The obsession grew so much that I decided to start a cupcake business and along the way I discovered iced biscuits and fell in love with them! They are my favourite sweet treat to make! They’re fiddly, they take ages and so many things can go wrong but they can look A-mazing and non-cakey people will wonder how you did it!!

Selling most things these days requires a website/blog and cupcakes and iced biscuits were no exception. And that’s where my next interest was sparked. Blogging! I started to enjoy blogging more than selling! So I took a break from orders, sales pitches and stress and baking reverted back to the hobby I fell in love with. I may go back to trading again one day , but for now I’m baking……just because and I couldn’t be happier!!

So that brings me up-to-date! I’m hoping to practice other techniques aside from Cupcakes and Iced Biscuits so the blog will help me document my successes, or more than likely, my failures!! Once I’ve mastered tempering there may be a chocolatey post or two! I’m also determined to make a perfect macaron! I WILL NOT BE BEATEN!!

So please have a look around! You might find a few old posts with some salesy talk from my business days but I’ve left these up as I’m still proud of the designs etc. What you also might find is a few (or a lot!) of posts with a TV or film theme because I’m a total geek 😉 These all have a Bake to the Future tag. I also run a Facebook page with the same name, that showcases TV/Film/Pop Culture themed goodies. So if you want to check it out or submit a creation of your own you can find me here!

I’m also very patriotic (hence Biscuits not Cookies!) so my Blighty Bakes series will showcase all things British!

And that’s about it! Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think!