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Happy Birthday to a Local Landmark

Angel of the North

And Sweet Petite is back! Hello!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? It was Back to the Future day since my last post, four and a bit years ago! Yikes!

I got a new job and a new house that needed renovating (which is still not done!) and unfortunately Sweet Petite had to take a backseat. That only took up a couple of years in all fairness though, a severe case of comparison syndrome and anxiety set in during this time and I lost my decorating mojo 🙁 I’ll definitely talk more about this in future posts and let you know how I got my head right and got back into the wonderful world of sweet treats!

But for now, I’m back and raring to go! I want to try lots of new things as I’m a bit behind with new fangled technology, the stencil genie’s on my list and I hear there’s a new projector to try? What else have I missed? I feel so out of the loop!

I would also love to open a shop by the end of year! There’s a long way to go though, we shall see 🙂

Firstly though, I would just like to get back into the swing of posting blog posts, which is actually what a blog is! I’ve been thinking about what those posts would be, giving it a lot of thought, and I’ve realised to keep me motivated, I’m going to post about what I love! And why not eh?

What do I love? Well, although us Brits seem to be going through it a bit (*cough* Brexit *cough*) it’s still a pretty great place to live I reckon. So I’m going to do a series of posts named Blighty Bakes, which will be UK themed goodies! (Yes, I know, Blighty only covers England, but I have Scottish and Irish ideas so it’s covering the whole of the UK here!) And to kick things off, here is my first offering!

I’m might be biased but the North East of England is best place to live in the UK, and it just so happens that a local landmark is having a birthday today – The Angel of the North is 22 today! And to celebrate you need biccies, right? Happy Birthday Angel!

The Angel sits on a hill in Gateshead, watching over the A1 (and mostly stationery traffic at rush hour!) and is seen by 90,000 people a day (mostly because they’re not moving at rush hour!) I love it, and I’m not ashamed to say, I wave everytime I pass as it means I’m back home (aw!).

Here’s to many more Blighty Bakes! I’m also thinking about another series called Nerdy Nibbles which will be TV and Film themed goodies (another love of mine – I have square eyes!) and I’ve already tagged some previous posts so you can have a peruse.

So where do you reckon is the best place to live in th UK? Let me know and if you’ve ever made your local landmark into a biccy I’d love to see it! Send me an email or tag me on Instagram @sweetpetiteblog because I’m nosey!

See ya later!

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