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Easter Chick Royal Icing Transfers (Tutorial)

Following on from my Easter biscuits last week I’m definitely keeping the lovely spring theme going with my Easter banner!

I’ve wanted to create some biscuits using transfers for a while now (and FINALLY use my new airbrush!!) so thought this was the perfect time. Transfers are royal icing accents which are piped separately to your biscuit, usually onto baking parchment and added later when you, ahem, transfer them to your biscuit 😉

The cute chicks you can see are very much inspired by The Bearfoot Baker! I’m sure you will have been over there before now, but if not check out the blog here!!! As well as being an airbrush guru, Lisa makes the most amazing transfers (and shows you how with great tutorials too!) and she has totally inspired me to try making my own designs, so here goes!

Chick Transfers

For these you’ll need:

  • Yellow 20 second Royal Icing
  • Orange 20 second Royal Icing
  • Black Food Pen or Black Icing
  • Scribe Tool
  • Reusable Baking Liner or Parchment Paper

1. Pipe out an egg shape (or whatever shape you like) in yellow icing onto baking liner
2. Pipe a small orange line roughly where the beak will go
3. Using the scribe tool make a line through the orange icing to make a beak shape
4. Pipe feet at the bottom in orange
5. Create the webbed feet using the scribe, moving from orange to yellow and cleaning the scribe between
each sweep.
6. Mix it up! not every chick was created equal, give him some arms, sorry feathers…
7. ….Or give him a cool hair do!
8. Experiment with different sizes, shapes, beaks and feet!

Leave to dry for 24-48 hours and once dry add the eyes with a black food marker or some black icing and they’re ready to rock! Add them to your easter/spring inspired biscuits, cakes or cupcakes, they will look fab anywhere!! I added mine to my Easter banner along with some other seasonal accents. OK, so I really need more practice with the airbrushing (cue jumping across to read more of Lisa’s posts!) but they haven’t turned out too bad for my first attempt!

Give them a go! They can be fiddly but transfers really give dimension to your biscuits, they can be made ahead of time and attached (with a dot of royal icing) when they’re needed. Most importantly, you can make a ton of mistakes but you still get to pick the best ones to use! I know I did for this 😉

Check out these posts for the other icing transfers used in the banner and for more info!
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