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Eurovision Biscuits: Is the UK going to win?! Er, probably not!

Are we all ready for the Eurovision Song Contest?!

Wacky costumes, cheesy lyrics, time delays from EVERY country and, ahem, tactical voting (surely not?!) it should be a hoot!! It’s always good for a laugh anyway 😉

And this year it’s in lovely Copenhagen, so I had to make Danish flags and I thought it would be a great excuse to use my airbrush again! Really just getting to grips with it at the minute, but loving it!

I did make a Union Jack and some other European flags with the airbrush but I really was not happy with them so there are no pictures! Its far too embarrassing!! The Danish one was the best of the bunch but I still have a few niggles with it. But hey, practice makes perfect right?!

Anyway, I made a stencil for the Dannebrog (How good is my Danish?!!!) out of card. I simply cut out a heart and a couple of strips for the cross, I taped them so the strips lay as flat as possible….

and sprayed!

Et voila! I’m also practicing my French for Saturday can you tell? However the only phrase I think I’ll need to remember is “royaume-uni nil points!” I’m not too hopeful for the UK entry, tactical voting aside, I’m not keen on the song, but you never know!

It certainly isn’t a classic like this one..

Waterloo!! The best Eurovision song ever!! Just epic! Wacky costumes and just the right amount of cheese, makes it the perfect eurovision song!! And it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!!

So I just had to make these:

And here are their close ups! Anni-Frid:




I outlined them all in black piping icing first and then filled in the coloured parts. On reflection, I would have done all the colour first and then added the black, another lesson learned!
Well I hope you enjoy the contest tomorrow if you’re watching and all the best Molly Smitten-Downes flying the flag for the UK……I reckon you’re gonna need it love!

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